Monster Quotes..

Easy as you go, when in late March soil you sow…J.K.

Gardeners tend the toil, nature makes the show…J.K.

Those who start to garden often do the greatest harm in the garden…J.K.

“Do not spread the compost on the weeds”…William Shakespeare: Hamlet

From the smallest seed the mightiest tree doth grow…New Testament Parable

the world is made of faith and trust and pixie dust…J.M. Barrie: Peter Pan

easy with the hose while the easterly blows…J.K.

to leave the May’s weeds go to seed is more than garden or gardener needs…J.K.

 In the gardener’s absence the garden remains…J.K.

More grows than the gardener sows…Old Chinese Proverb


The barbed-barred spiral spins away,
a grain of sand circles the sun,
the seasons whirl while summer drowns,
then dew drop mornings; autumn’s begun…JK


In Ireland winter is not so much a season as it is a state of mind…J.K.

” once tender shoots have been top-dressed and strawed, spring’s cheery show creeps best from chilled sod.” JK.