The Sowing Diary 2016

The Monster’s Sowing Diary 2016

Onion: Bedfordshire Champion (seed) Feb 2
Onion: Sturon (seed) Feb 2nd
Tomato: Moneymaker Feb 22nd
Aubergine: Halflange Violette Feb 22nd
Cosmos: Antiquity Feb 29th
Catanache: Amit Blue Feb 29th
Cosmos: Cosmonaut Mar 5th
Shallot: Longue Mar 5th
Shallot: Golden Gourmet Mar 5th
Onion: Stuttgarter (sets) Mar 17th
Onion: Centurion (sets) Mar 17th
Parsnips: Gladiator seed Mar 17th
Lemon pips Mar 20th
Dutch Blood Red, White Lisbon, Roja di Niort,  Purple Hood  onions April 2nd.
Strawberry Runners  Malling Centenary  (18 runners) April 9th
Broad Bean:  The Sutton April 9th
Radish:  White Icicles & Celesta April 17th   
Sunflowers: Titans, Autumn Beauties, 16th April
Beetroots: Solo April 17th
Mangetout:  Velour Bush, 1st May
Parsley curled, Coriander, Oregano: May 14th
Pumpkins: Halloween, May 14th
Beetroot, Detroit May 31st