The Sowing Diary 2020

We begin the year again as always on 1st February, La Fhéile Bríd.

Compliments of the wettest February since records began, coupled with three named storms through the month, the sowing schedule is running a few weeks behind and so it was that we really only began on March 1st this year, but we’re off at last.

March 1st: Calendula, Citrus twist; Cosmos, Lemonade; Eschscholzia, Copper swirl; Zinnia, Summer Forecast; Tomato, Alicante.

March 18th: Gladiator parsnip; Detroit beetroot; Sweet Bell turnip; Lysette and Champion parsley; Lollo Rossa lettuce; Pak Choi; Emerald radish; White Lisbon scallion.

March 24th: Bunyard’s Exhibition broad bean;

March 25th: Stuttgarter onions; Karmen onions