Trust March to be March

Sowing the seed...
The beginnings of trust… Sowing onion seed.

Trust me; the only way to develop the skills of a gardener is to get out in the garden, and garden.
Read all the horticultural books and manuals you can lay your hands on; renew monthly subscriptions to your favourite magazines and periodicals if you so wish; plough that daily furrow across the World Wide Web as you Google endlessly in the hope of unearthing some old (or new) wisdom that will enable you become a better gardener, but it is worth considering that nothing will be more formative in your quest than to feel the soil in your hands and the air in your face as you cultivate the dream in your head.
Trust in Nature and your part in its scheme. Trust March to be March, and trust April’s showers. Trust summer’s sun and trust winter’s snow. Trust all that you know, and that you don’t know. Trust the instructions on the packet and what it says on the tin. Trust in past experiences and future dreams. Trust old wives tales and harsh realities. Trust that the seeds you sow will grow. Trust all the mistakes you’re likely to make, and learn to return the trust which fashions us out of the universe’s dust, and trust me, the only way to become a better gardener is to get out into your garden and learn to trust yourself.

the world is made of faith and trust and pixie dust…J.M. Barrie Peter Pan

One thought on “Trust March to be March

  1. Thank you for this. It would s incredibly reassuring to a newbie like me. My husband an I have just taken on a small parish plot. We managed to acquire a second hand shed and greenhouse and are raring to go. I never imagined I’d experience the insecurity that can creep in from the well-meaning comments and (often complicated) advice from experienced gardeners. To be given permission to just get on with it for the sheer enjoyment (without worrying whether I’m any good at it – this is meant to be for relaxation for goodness sake!) is so very liberating. And for these words to come from an expert like yourself is treasure indeed. You made my day! 😉👏

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