So(w) We’re Off…

And so(w) we’re off: with the sowing of some 40 pots of sweet pea seed, and a tray of Redbor Kale seed the new allotment year is well and truly begun on monsterinthecorner. Over 30 different varieties of seed has been purchased, timber for the replacement raised beds is ordered, and the fencing lats are being measured and shaped. Fish,blood and bone meal together with potash and lime have all been sourced, and with the soil drying out a little at last we’ve even managed to turn some sod.

Slowly, but ever so surely it has turned. February is here; the milk moves in the belly of the ewes, and though still late in one season it is most definitely early in t’other.

Snowdrops and early daffodils, and winter irises and daylight till 6pm.ish.

A whole 8 days without rain, and days of bright sunlight; cold sunlight, but bright.

It is still early in the gardening year, very early; but it’s good to have made a start, and once you’ve gotten the hands grubby the whole gardening concept seems just a little more tangible. We’ve only just begun again, what we wonder will this year hold in store?

Sweet pea pots February 2020

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