Yellow Wind, Orange Rain

Glorious Morning bloom

Thunder & Lightening,,,very very frightening…

Mid October puts on an early Samháin display; darkens the noon sky and sends school children scattering. The Met Eireann weather warnings were accurate and precise. Today’s rainfall will be measured in inches rather than millimetres, the national watertable is now full to overflowing, and the monster’s measure is too sodden to tramp. The last of the Autumn Kings will be lifted as soon as it dries a little, and that will be that: all the beds emptied, all the drills cleared for another year.

We’ve managed to retrieve most of the old postings, but some, alas, could not be debugged. So we’ll move from here, and work on the legacy posts when the nights draw in. The clocks go back an hour Saturday week, and that means the allotment site opens on winter schedule. The last of the sunflowers and lupins have given up the ghost, and we’ve bedded the last of the muscari bulbs. Yellow wind warning and orange rain warnings result in a red flood warning. The monster’s measure though damp is watertight in every other ways…roll on the Samháin.


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