This Year’s Sowing Diary Open…

Lá Fhéile Brid and once more the off.

It is only in looking back through the sowing diary that the full impact of the pandemic on the monster’s activities is understood. Everything it seems stopped dead in mid-March 2020, and though we continued as best we could once we regained entry in August that year, there was little could be done. Of course we experienced rolling lock-downs the following 18 months or so, and since, like a lot of people and activities we were simply marking time.

But, that was then, and this is; well, time to get going again.

January 26th: Ailsa Craig, onion seed

February 1st: Purple Shaft, aubergine seed

February 4th: Victoria Blue, salvia; Atropatana, Iranian oil salvia

February 12th: Moneymaker, tomato seed; Bedfordshire Champion, onion seed,

February 20th: Californian Wonders, sweet pepper see..

previous years diaries accessible through the main menus


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