The Monster’s Face on Greenfingers Day

Bunching Onions and Lettuce Seeds sown today..
Sowing the lettuce in the last raised bed
Bed for lettuce and scallions…
Shallots beginning to out-grow the cloches

And so we’ve reached the milestone of Green-fingers Day.

Today we sowed Roja de Niort onions, Deep Purple and Dutch Blood Reds and White Lisbon onions, and a lettuce leaf seed mix which we also sowed last year and proved itself very successful.  We also sowed coriander seed…it was a wet, cool, miserable April day, devoid of showers..When it rains incessantly there are no showers, but at least we’ve managed to get all the raised bedded areas sown on cue; alas, no available space for a late arriving Goldilocks…