New Year, New Plot…

After six and a half years on a former site, yesterday, January 1st 2017, was the first official day on our new plot.  The manager at the new site allowed us move and transfer a lot of our fruit bushes over the last 3 to 4 weeks, and yesterday saw us split and move some Timperley Early rhubarb crowns kindly gifted by our daughter who works a plot at this new location, whilst today we will split and move some of our own personal favourite from the old site, the Victoria stools we planted when we first arrived there; we shall leave nothing to the scavengers save their ignorance and loss.

We shall be very busy in the short term, clearing, cultivating and establishing our plans in our new location, and it shan’t take us too long at all to forget the utter filth, appalling practices and some very dangerous people at the old allotment site,,,so here’s to a brand new start in every way…

Laying out the fruit run in the Monster’s new space..
Moving the rhubarb to its new location, some compliments of Fee…

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