Midwinter Jazz

Gladiator Parsnips
Midwinter’s Harvest Christmas Parsnips up and out of bed…sown on St Patrick’s Day…
The final bounty of the year...
Parsnips from the Monster’s depths… The final bounty from the Monster’s old location…

Solstice Jazz

Blackbird trills dark hush of morn,
A carol to winter’s darkest day;
Straggler leaves still cling; forlorn,
The holly’s crown in disarray.

We’ve come full circle in our flight,
Our knowledge dimmed in knowing chorus.
Our hope rests now in promised light
                         On darkling wings, on berries bright,
                          In blackbird songs in the dead of night
And brighter days stretching before us.    ©      JK      December 21st 2016


Merry Christmas to all.  Our wish is that you periodically log in as we move forward with new chapters from the Monster’s brand new stomping ground throughout 2017….



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