The Monster’s New Face…

We’ve been somewhat quiet of late here on Monster In The Corner… a self-imposed reflective hiatus, busy considering and contemplating implications of recent experiences within our small allotment garden site.

We’ve reached a challenging decision that will see us once more expend a  hell of a lot of effort in pursuit of that same old dream, but, from here on in we will do so in a different location.

So without further ado  we’ve decided –like many others on our allotment site-to relocate the Monster’s award winning visage.

Life, we’ve decided, is too damn short for committee generated compost, and as has been stated in one of the Monster’s earlier dispatches, not everyone in the garden is a gardener, and from time immemorial it seems there have been serpents skulking in the grass…

et voiláThe Monster’s New Face…

The Monster has a new face….

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